Thursday, September 19, 2013

Small Town USA

  I was in Eva, Alabama the other day. I was startled when I pulled up to the gas pump of the local convenience store and a lady came out and asked, "Can I help you?"  I said, "Uhuh, we were going to get some gas." She replied, "Oh, we pump gas if we aren't busy in the store." I was in shock, as well as my Niece Gabrielle as she rounded the front of my truck with the money for gas.

  Later as we ordered our lunch at the local Wagon Wheel restaurant- a grilled chicken sandwich and a patty melt. I pondered small town America.

  They call it The Little Town With A Big Heart. I saw men sitting on the benches in front of that same convenience store with I was through there last. I wonder what they were talking about.

  They say that the heart of America is on Main Street USA and it's being lost to perfect instant subdivisions and shopping malls. That would be a shame. I don't think you will find many grey haired ladies pumping gas for you there.

  It's nice to have a pleasant shock now and then.

  America hasn't lost her heart as long as there are some Eva, Alabamas' that have a beat.


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