Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dear Folks, I Might Just Come Home By Bus Like I Left, Fort Rucker Georgia, USA, November 11, 1958, Love, Robert

                                             11 Nov 1958

Dear Folks

  We got off today being a
Holiday. I don't see why you
worried so much, after all you
brought me down here and I
also wrote one letter. I don't
feel like writing because there
is nothing to say. I have been
to Dothan once to watch a Parade
and I went to Ozark one time.
Both times I had to thumb.
I usually go to bed or over
to the EM club. Since I have
been here we have the two big
Inspections and one more to go
which is supposed to be the biggest.
These Inspections only happen once
a year and with my luck I came
at the right time.
  I wish that I had taken
the money I had when I got
back from Korea and fixed
my car. The last two
weekends we have got off on
Friday afternoon. But as it is
I don't want to depend on
anything else as far as going
or coming as myself, so
mostly I just stay here and
count the days. I am not
to pleased with this place
because I can't see why I
should still be in the army.
I haven't learned anything. It's
just the same routine. Well
maybe I will be out by the
end of the month. I will
call you if i want
you to come get me, as
is I don't know when I
will exactly leave this place.
I might just come home
by bus like I left.
                Love Robert

P.S. How about sending me 10$ ?scotia? money?