Monday, July 8, 2013

The Red Hat

  I love the band RED. I got to see them in concert. I got to go see them along with my brother Richard, A Human Being, and my youngest niece Gabrielle, The Only Girl Who Could Sharpen A Knife. We made it to  the Workplay venue in Birmingham in time to get a seat in the balcony area. I  made a red hat to wear to the concert.

  I observed that almost all of the "under 21" crowd was standing in the lower level next to the stage. I've enjoyed heavy metal music ever since it was invented. At what age am I supposed not to?  Especially a band with all the talent and energy of RED. My brother Richard, A Human Being, and I were rockin' and rollin' live with Van Halen in concert back when David Lee Roth had hair and Eddie was breathing life into "Frankenstein". How could I just SIT HERE!!??

  Finally I couldn't stand it any longer. Near the end of the concert I made my way down to the floor and found a spot close enough to the stage to read the tattoo on Bassist Randy Armstrong's arm. The vibration was amazing from that spot. I could have reached out and patted him on the foot. I wish I had extended my hand to Lead Vocalist Michael Barnes as he screamed "Feed The Machine". I could barely stand up.

  Dear Abby got a letter recently from a 59 year old baseball fan who still takes his baseball mitt to the games in hopes of catching a ball and wondered what age should he stop doing it as they usually sit in the lower level near the front. Dear Abby wrote to stop taking it when you have grown so aged and feeble that when the ball comes your way you can no longer fend off the younger fans who are also diving for it. And not one moment sooner.

  I wonder if that guy wears a red hat?

I wonder if that guy wears a red lly
Finally I could stand it no longer.
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