Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dear Folks, It's April But It's Still Cold At Night, April 13, 1958, 38th Parallel South Korea, Love, Robert

Dear Folks,                     13 April 58
  Well I didn't get
the paper this Sat
which was somewhat
of a disappointment.
  Every day over here is
just another day to
exist. At night time
there is nothing much
to look forward to except
the end of day and guard
duty if it's your time.
  The end of this
month up until Sept.
I guess 75% of the
guys will all leave to
go home including
myself.  I will be glad
when the new recruits
start arriving in this
god forsaken place.
  I have been trying
out for the track team
for a week. I don't
know whether I will
make it or not. We
practice in the evening
but still are required to
train and walk guard.
If I do make it, It
will be the same as
basketball I think, or
at least I hope. I
stand a 50-50 chance.
  So I am holding
off on R & R at least
until I know how
I stand. 16 1/2 months
in this army seem like
an eternity. Eating, sleeping
doing almost everything
wearing the same clothes
with 150 people. It
seems to me there is
no other life. A civilian
and a soldier is a
distinction between night
and day.
  My advise to all
young people such as
Betty is to make merry
while the sun still
shines. Who is the
guy she wants to marry
she better get wise
working ain't too good
especially when the money
you make goes to the
things which are necessary
to existence and not
luxury. Well I know
I haven't sent much
money home but with
the $200 at home I have
about $250 here. I expect
to get at least $200
when I get my discharge
because they will owe
me about 45 days leave
time. I figure I
will have $700 maximum
$0 minimum. I know
I will have to buy new
clothes because at the
present time I stand
165 pounds and unless
I began to get some
exercise I don't know.
I know nothing will
fit me around the
  As far as school
goes I don't want
to make any plans,
because I just don't
want to think. I wish
I could get a
job when I get out
and work through the
winter until summer
school, because I
can't see going a
full semester for 6
quality pts, but I
will try to work that
out when I get home.
In about 47 more days
I will turn 24 years
old. Two birthdays in
Korea. those years
do add up.
  If I stayed in
the company and didn't
try out for track I
probably could get another
promotion, but with
the time I have left
to do it wouldn't
help me any. It's
April but it's still
cold at night time walking
guard duty. this is a
long letter ain't it. Those
long underwear you
sent me were lifesavers
though, they are alright
for situation such as
mine. Earl is getting
ready to join the ranks
of the living dead. I
guess he is getting
pretty settled, I figure
I am the only real
wild one in the family.
By the way
how is Jena getting along
maybe I might have
a chance to go to
through Texas if
possible. By the way
do I still have a car?
What shape is it in?
Does it still run? I am
planning on using that
thing for awhile. Well
I guess I'll close for
now. Try to keep the
paper coming.
             Love, Robert