Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dear Folks, I Have Never Spent A More Miserable Time Than In This Place, July 20, 1958, 38th Parallel South Korea, Love, Robert

Dear Folks,              20 July 58
  Here it is past one
week after I cam back
from R & R and I am
feeling mighty low.
  After this week I probably
will be the longest person
in this company, by that
I mean to be here longer,
but after that lookout
because I shall soon be
sailing. I hope a little
less than 9 weeks
before I leave Korea,
and I pray to God that
I don't go from Korea
to Lebanon. I think
that during all of my
life time I have never
spent a more miserable
time than in this place.
I believe that it is worst
now than during the
Korean War because
everybody takes advantage
of the Americans. I
agree whole heart-idly for
President Eke sending troops
to the Middle East because
I think that if we don't
start now everybody will
try to take everything we
have got. Maybe I am
wrong in saying this but
I don't think we should
bend over backwards anymore.
  Well pretty soon
I will be starting
for home but
don't quit writing
until I tell you so.
                Love, Robert

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