Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dear Folks, I Am Getting Ready For Guardmount, January, 1958, 38th Parallel South Korea, Love, Robert

Dear Folks,
  Well today is Sunday and I
am getting ready for guardmount.
It sure is nice to be out
of the field. We stayed for about
five days. Night time it dropped
down to about 5 degrees it was real
cold. I guess Earl is enjoying
his fireman's pay. January is
almost over, there is about two
cold months left. Time goes
by pretty good in the company because
you are always busy. This time
last year I was taking basic
training. When does Johnnie
Frank get into college or gets out
of high school.
  It snows just about 3
times a week now. I guess
I have seen enough to last me
a lifetime. Well it's just about
guard time so I will close for
                    Love, Robert

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dear Folks, That Is The Way The Army Is, January 17, 1958, 38th Parallel South Korea, Love, Robert

                                                          17 Jan 58

Dear Folks,
  Well I am back in the company.
It was nice while it lasted. Sunday
we go on field manuevers for 7 days.
There is about 8 inches of snow on
the ground. It stays below 10 degrees.
I have already had guard again. I
hope to go on R & R in Feb. I am
about due for another. All my
company does now is go out into
the field. My new job is with
the Forward Observer section. We
go out and watch incoming rounds
and phone back an adjustment.
  About Grandmother, I am
glad she is better. The only way
I could come home for an emergency
is for Mother, Daddy or Billy to be
very, very sick. That is the way
the army is so please don't send
me letters unless something really
bad has happened. Over here you could
get shook up about home. If an
emergency does come up notify
the Red Cross, that is the only way.
I can't do anything it's up to
you, but it has to be a very
bad situation. Enough of that, you know
when you went me that two dollars
it seemed like a gift from heaven. How
about sending me one 5 dollar bill
because when I get back from the
field it will almost be the end of
the month. I am going to have to thaw
out after the field. Well this will
be the last stretch and I just hope it
will be as quick as the past
                        Love, Robert

Dear Folks, This Was The Shortest Basketball Season I Have Ever Been In, January 11, 1958, 38th Parallel, South Korea, Love, Robert

Pfc. Robert C. Patton
                                               11 Jan 58

Dear Folks,
  Well in one more day I go back
to the old Guard duty. We won the
division championship won 16 lost 2.
This was the shortest basketball
season I have ever been in but
I guess I have no cause for
  So Earl has become a fireman.
I hope he doesn't have to answer
any calls from Midfield. Tell
him to save me a vacancy, I
might join the force myself.
What does Billy do with himself now
days. I can imagine that the garage
is still cluttered up with everything.
I am glad my car is running well.
I think that you should sell
your car and get another even though
it might be second hand.
  When does Johnny Frank go to
college. We might be going
to school together.
I don't know what kind of job
I will have back in the company
I guess I'll be walking the
hills again. I got the books
I don't need anything but a
airplane ticket home. I guess
I'll close for now give my regard
to everybody.
                        Love, Robert

Note: Earl and Johnny Frank are his cousins and Billy is his brother (My Dad).

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dear Folks, It's 1958 The Year I Get Out Of The Army, January 5, 1958, 38th Parallel, South Korea, Love, Robert

                                       5 Jan 58
Dear Folks,
  It's 1958 the year I get out of
the Army. I know that I haven't
written to much the past 3 weeks.
We went to a basketball tournment
after Christmas, then during New
Year we went to Soeul for
four days. Soeul as you know
is the Capital of Korea. It is
a lot better as far as Korea
goes than were we are. We had
a ball there. That's the first
time I have been in Korea and enjoyed
myself. Actually you couldn't
even compare it to the Bessemer
Super highway, but hell it's Korea.
Enjoy yourself the best you can
no matter where you are.
  New Years day we had our
biggest snow. All roads were shut
down there was no way to travel
except by train and you should
travel over one of those things.
I go back to my company in one
more week and boy at night
time it gets below zero.
  I have been meaning to get
me a camera and send the picture
home but I just am lazy I
guess. Next payday I am for
sure going to buy a motion picture
camera. A good one costs about
30.00 dollars and takes about
20 reels. The summer time over
here wasn't to bad, but this
  Well about this time last
year I just was leaving
home off my big 14 day leave.
O well all I have to do
is just wait and I will be home
for good just only 228 more
days before I leave.
                          Love, Robert

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Chocolate Pie

  I don't know where I got this recipe but it sure is good.

Chocolate Pie

3 T Cocoa
1 c Sugar
3 Eggs, well beaten
3 T Flour
Almost 1 stick butter
1 t Vanilla
2 c Milk

1) Mix all ingredients, then add milk & well beaten eggs.

2) Pour into cooked pie shell and bake 325 degrees F 30-45 minutes or until knife inserted into the middle comes out clean.

(Ingredients can be combined in a blender and mixed for about 30-45 seconds adding liquid ingredients first.)

Note: Choose natural or organic ingredients for maximum nutrition.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Is There Anything Too Hard For Me?

          "Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh:
                                                                       is there anything too hard for Me?"