Monday, May 26, 2014

Hope Remains

Me and My Niece Gabrielle M. Armstrong
"..... But regarding the past, present and future, it is my hope that you will always be able to live life looking forward, not backward. Look backward long enough to remember the good times, but not so long that you cannot move forward to what your future may be, for we live not in the past, and not in the future, but in the present. It is in the moving forward every day that we live. You already know from experience that hard times will come, times you won't want to keep on going. Hold on to hope. Faith, hope and love exist together as the best things of this life, but when the times come that you lose faith, and when you feel completely unlovable, hope remains. There is a silver lining to be found in every situation...."
     -Marla Williams Murrah, Meek High School Principal, Commencement Speech, May 22, 2014