Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dear Folks, It's Real Lonely Over Here Now, July 28, 1958, 38th Parallel South Korea, Love, Robert

Dear Folks,           28 July 58
  I got the ten and sure
needed it. There are three
more days left to payday
and I sure need it.
The army doesn't pay
much, but it sure
helps! It's done nothing
but rain the past
week. Our company
has a shortage of men,
everybody going home nobody
coming in. Guard duty
hits every other night
but I could care less
I have 19 days left in
the company.
  You should receive about
two or three more letters
after this one, then I'll
be on the high Seas.
I sent a reel home,
part of it is on the
D-M-Z the other
Japan. I don't know
whether is is any good
because the seven days
I stayed in Japan the
Sun never shown. I took
a lot of the Imperial
Palace. I hope it turns
out alright. Well when
I was first over here
I started out great saving
money, but $1,000 a year
isn't very tempting. I
had a good time in Japan
that was some sort
of compensation for 15
months in Korea. W
by the was I am starting
my 15 month over here.
So Betty has started
to work, maybe I'll
be able to borrow
some money off her.
I got a letter from
Sam I don't think
he has a Job yet.
I wish I had bought
my camera sooner.
It's a lot of fun
but it would be better
if I could see my pictures
but they will keep. It's
real lonely over here
now, All of my buddies
have gone home except
for one or two. My
time will come though.

      Love, Robert

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