Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dear Folks, There Ain't A Damn Thing In The Army That Bothers Me Except Maybe A Little War, June 1958, 38th Parallel South Korea, Love, Robert

Dear Folks,

I sort of thought that you may
have given up on me, some times
writing does get a little tedious.
I haven't mailed the package yet
but I will this week. I am
pretty damn sure that I will
have a R & R this month (June).
  You know I wrote you about a
month ago I thought I would try
for the track team. Well I went out
for a week then quit because I
decided I wanted to see Japan again.
The other day I got a set of TDY
orders sending me to the track
team and I had quit a month
ago. I must have made a good
impression, but I turned down the
orders, even having so much guard.
  I figure it this way I have
played my share of sports and
I may continue after I get out
of the Army. I played Army basketball
and made the track team, even though
I quit.
  I am 10,000 miles away from
home and I never will see Japan
again, so I refused the TDY orders
for in hopes of going on an R & R
to Japan. Japan is the most
fabulous place I have ever been
to or seen. It's so close to home
from this damn place (Korea) but yet it
has the beauty and mystery in the
Orient that one expects in the far
  The last time I went I stayed
at Mt Fuji for 3 days. The army
had a special service hotel up there
which there isn't a damn thing
which nothing in Alabama could
compare to. It used to be for
officers, but they let both enlisted
and officers go there. Rooms cost
$2.00 a night, buy a steak for $1.50
just ring a bell for no extra
charge and get breakfast in bed.
Hell I could write a book about
 it, but I'll just tell you about
 it when I get home. As it stands
now I have 85 days left. It
might be earlier but I ain't counting
on it. I know in 6 more days I
will be 24 years old my second
birthday in Korea.
  I I just got off guard my duty
for Sat & Sun but I don't
give a damn and I could care
less. There ain't a damn thing
in the army that bothers me
except maybe a little war. I
might get out of the Army with
a slightly different attitude, but
I have seen it and seen enough.
I have seen human beings act
like animals and animals act
better than humans. I'll close
for now "Gerry Owen" best for
the battle group.

        Love Robert,