Monday, October 22, 2012

Dear Folks, Still On The Basketball Team, October 20, 1957, 38th Parallel Korea, Love, Robert

Pfc. Robert C. Patton

                       20 Oct 1957
Dear Folks;

 Well I am still on the
basketball team. I just hope
I can stay on it but you
never know about the army.
Yesterday I woke there was
ice on the ground. In Korea
you go outside it's cold,
you go inside you are still cold.
I received the package and
it was a nice present.
I wish you could send
me the ear plug attachment
if you can. They have people
leaving the company, going
back to the world everyday
but maybe my day will get
here pretty soon.
I don't know when I ever
will start on my course.
Right now I just can't
quite seem to get started.
If I stay on the basketball
team, maybe I will be able
to complete it. How is
Betty doing at Auburn?
How is Ensley doing? I know
that Alabama is sameo
sameo. Well pretty soon I will have
a change of address. We
have become the 1st Cav Division
but I don't know the new
address. I think when I
get out of the army I will
get out in Calif. and see part
of the country coming home.
Probably be my only chance
but I have seen enough of
the world to last me.
  Does Billy still work on
cars, hot rods? Well be
good and write.

                      Love Robert

Note: Betty was a 1st Cousin and Billy was my Dad. Uncle Robert still listened to a transistor radio with an ear plug attachment for many years after he got out of the Army. C.P.

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