Monday, September 9, 2013

Dear Folks, As Clean As I Got In Japan It Took One Day To Get Dirty Again Over Here, July 14, 1958, 38th Parallel South Korea, Love, Robertl

Dear Folks,     14 July 58
  Well I am back in
this rotten hole. As
clean as I got in Japan
it took one day to
get dirty again over
here. It never did
sun shine in Japan
so I didn't get
in pictures which
made me disappointed.
I hated to ask for
the money but
was practically out
of money. I had a
couple of beers that
night but I didn't
call just for the money.
I was having a good
time. I spent every
last cent but I
don't regret. I didn't
get around to buying
the China but I will
at the end of the month.
  In Japan you can
spend money, but it's
not because you are
unwise, it's just
because you have
seven beautiful days
in which to crowd
a lot of living in. I
don't regret one
second that I spend
over there. You have
so much to see and
do that you forget
yourself. And In
seven days it's hard
to do everything because
I tell it is just a
blessing to leave this
unforsaken hole.
When you get back
over here it's like
hell. It's hot as hell
over here, they have
millions of mosquitoes
and flys. Oh well enough
of that.
  Well here I am
broke, 16 days to payday
32 days before I kiss
this place goodbye. Keep
writing and sending that
paper until that
day comes when you
will get that letter
saying send no more.
I am on the way
home. It's down the
block and around the
corner. Breaking off
now expecting to go
to the field early in
the morning.
       Love Wayfaring Son,


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