Monday, April 30, 2012

Dear Folks, Far Across The Sea, April 20, 1957, 38th Parallel, Korea, Love, Robert

Dear Folks,                       20 April 57

 Today is Sunday and
I thought I would write
a few lines before I go
on guard duty. We go
out into the field
tomorrow for five
days. I decided not
to go out for track
because its to hard
to get into good shape
over here. I don't
know when I am
going on R & R, but
it will be during this
month or May.
 I will try to let
you know ahead of
time. I wrote a letter
home, but I forgot
to put the state
on it so it came back
on me. So Earl is
really getting married
well I hope he is
happy about it. It's
been raining all
day so I guess I'll
get a little wet tonight.
Well, I have got
to get ready for Guard
Mount, I got the money
order and paper.
               Love Robert

Dear Folks                      27 April 57
 This month we
have only spent 12 days
out of the month in
the field. I guess we
will spend a lot more
time out there, but I
don't mind it. The
time goes by fast
enough out there. I
got the paper this Sat.
and was very much
elated to receive it.
With the coming
of May I imagine that
Earl is ready for
 Well this time last
year I was in Fort
Lewis awaiting shipping
orders to carry me
far across the sea.
I understand that
you are going to elect
a new governor. In
one more month I
will be 24 years old
in this world damn
years sure don't
subtract. Well when
you receive this letter
the month of April will
be gone, then it will all
be old time spent over
here. Not much longer
but yet seems so
far, but I ain't
counting on a damn thing
until I hit 27th St.
 Well there ain't anything
else to write or at least
I can't think of anything
just keep sending the
              Love Robert

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Donald Robinson Robertson, My Cousin

I had to publish this goofy picture of my cousin because he insists on not taking a serious one. Here's his quote:

"Tears are a sign that we have loved-
they help us let go-
they help us grow
to repair."

Monday, April 23, 2012

Cream Cheese Pie

  Since I was a kid, my Mama has always made this pie for special occasions.  My Beloved Uncle would make one also for our family visit. He seemed so proud of himself for it. It's a great pie.

1 prepared graham cracker pie crust
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 8 oz package cream cheese, softened
1/4 c lemon juice (about 2 medium sized if using fresh)

Combine sweetened condensed milk, cream cheese and lemon juice in a small mixing bowl.  With an electric mixer, mix on medium-high speed. Pour into graham cracker pie shell.  Cover and refrigerate 12 hours or overnight. Slice and serve. (This is delicious when served with Blueberry Pie Filling.) Keep remaining pie and filling refrigerated.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dear Folks, Quiet and Dead, South Korea, April 5, 1957, Love, Robert

Mortar Battery
1st Battle Group
7th Cavalry
APO 24

Dear Folks;                            5 April 57
 Well tomorrow is Easter and
I think that was the last time I was
at home. For the past 3 weeks
we have been to the field at
least 4 days per week. This past
week we went up to the 8th Cav
to replace the Mortar Battery for
about 4 days. The 8th Cav is above
the umjun river along the
DMZ. The DMZ seperates
South and North Korea. That
is where a lot of the fighting took
place. Everything is quiet and
dead up there.
  I got the $20 money order and
my usual papers. I get the papers
every Sat. which gives me time to
read them good. Monday I am
going out for track if I can.
I don't like this company.Well
when Earl gets married I guess that
leaves only me. Ha! One of the
papers you sent me had the Delta
Chi leadout in it. I still know
most of the people, but there are
some who are unfamiliar to
me. Well I guess I close, keep
sending the papers.
                             Love Robert
Note: Uncle Robert was a student athlete and on the track team at The University Of Alabama.