Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dear Folks, I Have Just About Had Enough Of The Army To Last Me, February 24, 1958, 38th Parallel South Korea, Love, Robert

                              24 Feb 58
Dear Folks
  Well it must have
been real bad. I saw
your papers. I went
to Soeul on a
weekend pass and
had a pretty good
time. So they are
just working 4 days
a week now. Well
I don't see how
it can be to bad.
I guess I will send my
jacket home some
time after this
  I have just about
had enough of the
army to last me
for awhile. I
hope my friends
and neighbors will
be satisfied. Just
think I made $1000
for 1957.
  It's starting to
warm up a little
over here but its
still cold at night
time for guard duty.
Well there is not to
much time left, but
still it's a long time.
Earl will probably
be an old married
man, and I won't
have anybody to get
thrown in jail with
but that's the breaks.
                     Love, Robert

(Note: The jacket he refers to is the awards jacket that he and his teammates each received for winning the Division Basketball Championship. Earl is a one of his 1st cousins). C.P.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Dear Folks, There Is A Lot To Tell About My Tour In Korea, February 18, 1958, 38th Parallel South Korea, Love, Robert

Dear Folks
  Well it's nice to get
a letter saying that
it is also cold over
there. We stay very
much out in the
field so it's hard
to get good writing
habits. I don't think
there is no way to
meet in Calif, because
I will get my discharge
in the 3rd Army Area
which will probably
be Fort Jackson S.C.
  I wish you could
send me just the
Sunday Paper if
anyway possible. I
don't know whether
you know it or not
but I got a letter
from one of my buddies
telling about Gene
Mitchum getting
killed in an auto wreck.
He was from Ensley
and I knew him very
well. Ask Billy if
he knows him. He
ran around with
Jame Holliway. I
understand Bull
Conners is back in
office again.
  Well when I get
back I don't think
I am going to worry
about anything for
about 3 months. See
what It's like to draw
unemployment insurance.
The army wouldn't
been to bad if they
hadn't put me in
the infantry stationed
in Korea. There is
a lot to tell about
my tour in Korea
but it is not writing
material due to the
length. So I will
say goodnight. We
have to be in bed
by 11:00 o'clock so
the Officer of the
day can come by and
snug us tight under
our little sleeping
       Love, Robert

P.S. Happy George Washington
Birthday we get off
for it.  

Friday, February 15, 2013

Dear Folks, You Should Sleep On Top Of A Hill, February 10, 1958, 38th Parallel South Korea, Love, Robert

                          10 Feb 58
Dear Folks
  The last letter I
received from you
I was on hill 15
that thing was just
about straight up and
down. You should
sleep on top of a
hill especially when
its cold and nothing
over top of you. There's
a lot of things you
do in the army. I
have just about had
enough of the army
and Korea. Days are
getting longer and
longer with the less
time you have less.
I think we go
back into the field
this coming Thursday
stay out about seven
days. I am sending
this income tax form
home and let you send
it in.
  Well how are
things back. Have they
started soup and
bread line? I don't
care if I have to sell
apples. I ain't coming
back into the army.
I think I am going
to bed, been out on
range all day. 9 o'clock
going to bed. Ha!
                      Love, Robert

Thursday, February 14, 2013

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service

  In the quest of finding our true love it's important to define the difference between potential suitors.

  Let's compare it to retail.

1) Window Shopper- He's not interested in buying or even browsing- he's just looking.

2) Browser- He'll come in and look around- but he's not interested in buying anything.
3) Try Before You Buy- He will take you home- but he'll return you if you don't fit.

4) I'll Take The Warranty Also- This guy's committed.

  And remember, you have the right to refuse service to anyone.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Water From The Branch With Friends

  This is me, Mac and Moses obtaining a water sample from the branch behind our house for a young lady out in California's 5th grade class project.

Dear Folks, Our Basketball Team Had A Banquet Friday Night, February 2, 1958, 38th Parallel South Korea, Love, Robert

Pfc. Robert C. Patton

                           2 Feb 58
Dear Folks,
  This is my 15th
month in the army and
I am about ready to
get out for a summer
vacation or something.
I got the five dollars
the other day and it
came in real handy.
Tomorrow we go
back into the field
for about 4 days. The
weather is not to bad
the snow has melted
  Our basketball team
had a banquet Friday
night Two Generals were
there, five Colonels, Majors,
Captains and us PFC's.
I was really shook up.
It didn't last to long
though. They gave us
a real nice Jacket and
Cigarette lighters. I am going
to send the Jacket home
because it is of no
use to me here.
  February should go by
pretty fast because we
are going out into the
field 3 out of the four
weeks, real clean fun.
Ha. I don't guess
I'll go to Japan until
about May then I'll
really need it.
Me and this other kid
took some pictures
in our basketball uniforms
the background ain't to
good, but hell it's
Korea. You will notice
in the pictures I am
losing a little bit
of hair but that is
also Korea. Let's write
for it is real nice
to have a letter waiting
for you when you come
             Love, Robert

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fear No Evil

       "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil:..."
                                                                                         Psalm 23:4