Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dear Folks, This Was The Shortest Basketball Season I Have Ever Been In, January 11, 1958, 38th Parallel, South Korea, Love, Robert

Pfc. Robert C. Patton
                                               11 Jan 58

Dear Folks,
  Well in one more day I go back
to the old Guard duty. We won the
division championship won 16 lost 2.
This was the shortest basketball
season I have ever been in but
I guess I have no cause for
  So Earl has become a fireman.
I hope he doesn't have to answer
any calls from Midfield. Tell
him to save me a vacancy, I
might join the force myself.
What does Billy do with himself now
days. I can imagine that the garage
is still cluttered up with everything.
I am glad my car is running well.
I think that you should sell
your car and get another even though
it might be second hand.
  When does Johnny Frank go to
college. We might be going
to school together.
I don't know what kind of job
I will have back in the company
I guess I'll be walking the
hills again. I got the books
I don't need anything but a
airplane ticket home. I guess
I'll close for now give my regard
to everybody.
                        Love, Robert

Note: Earl and Johnny Frank are his cousins and Billy is his brother (My Dad).

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