Monday, August 19, 2013

Stop The Waste/Recycle

  I took My Bestest Friend And Blackberry Picker dumpster diving this Summer and then I had to repent of it later. We were scouting what we call the "hell" road for blackberries this Summer and came upon a dumpster teeming with items that could be recycled, and went to work. We pulled out all we could without actually crawling into the dumpster itself. I felt a little let down after she dropped me off at my house. My Bestest Friend And Blackberry Picker had a dignified job and didn't need to be seen crawling around in a dumpster but that's what Bestest Friends do- they help friends crawl around in dumpsters.

  We have mandatory sanitation service here in this county. I wave at the truck as it passes by my house on Tuesdays if I'm out in the yard and I write them a check every 3 months because they are going to send me a bill but I don't care.

  I've decided I can't do anything about all the dumpsters in the world.

  The only dumpster that I have any control my own.   Thanks Suze.



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