Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dear Folks, I Can Send A Reel Home And See What Good It Is, June 1, 1958, 38th Parallel South Korea

                                     1 June 58
                                      24 years

Dear Folks,
  I got the two money
orders and I am pretty
sure I will go to
Japan this month. Today
I bought a 8 mm camera
which I should have
bought a long time ago.
It cost $30.00 maybe.
I can send a reel home
and see what good it is.
  Well today is my
birthday. I was on
guard last night and
6 hours today, but I
could care less 77 days
left. There has been a
lot of things I have seen
and done, I just guess
that the army has
given me a experience
which I never could
have gotten otherwise.
  Well I wrote you
about turning down
the track team, but
I also found out that
I stood a good chance
of going to the Asian
games. I haven't yet
mailed the package yet
that I told you, but I
am this week. It probably
will be by boat. How
is Earl getting along in
his married life. Well
I'll close for now I
am pretty tired.
                       Love, Robert

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