Monday, August 19, 2013

Dear Folks, Brother It Gets Cold, June 14, 1958, 38th Parallel South Korea, Love, Robert

                                         14 June 58
Dear Folks,
  Haven't had to much
time to write. I got the
money orders and the
ten dollar bill. I don't
know exactly when I
will go on R & R but
I am going. This week
I went up across the
river, that means going
close to the border. There
is nothing up there. No
Koreans can live there just
a couple of Army units
and the DMZ police. Me
and this Sargent we
are forward observers, we
went up on one of the
observation post. I could
see the North Korean
communist. They were
building concrete bunkers
at the bottom of the
OP was the taped line
showing no mans
land, no one past
the tape except authorized
personnel and you had
damn better be sure
you are authorized. At
night time you can
hear the communist
artillery firing. Well
enough of the war stories.
  I sent the package this
week. I hope you
receive it. Not much
time left, 64 days left
before I leave Mortar
Battery. So Stanley
Smith might come over.
It is not to bad for
the Air Force though
they don't have to
live like the Army.
He is coming over in
January and I know
he ain't going to like
the cold weather and
brother it gets cold.
Well I'll close for now.

         Love, Robert

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