Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dear Folks,The Month Of March Is Here And It Snowed The First Day, March 2, 1958, 38th Parallel South Korea, Love, Robert

                                2 March 58
Dear Folks,
  The month of March
is here and it snowed
the first day. Whats bad
the wind is blowing very
hard. I had guard this
weekend 24 hrs of it.
I don't know whether
I will try to run
track or not. The facilities
over here are not to
good for any kind of sports.
Just like during basketball
the gym was never heated
except during game time
so that made practicing
very rough and cold.
  There are some good
guys in my company
who try to make the
best out of a worst
time so its not too
bad as long as you have
friends like these.
  The only bad headache
it the Regular Army
people. The are exactly
stupid. You see a lot
of people get messed up
over here, Oh well
enough of that.
  Just about 7 or 6
more pay days left in the
Army. So Earl gets married
in April or May. Ha! That
leaves just me. I hope
he makes a good going of
it. I met the girl only
once if its the same
one and she seems real
  If I don't go out
for track in March
I am going on R & R in
April. So I will want
you to send me about
$100. I can get some
nice gifts over there.
Well I close for now. Oh
yea keep the newspaper
clipping coming. Ensley
seems to be doing good.
                      Love, Robert


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