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Dear Folks, This Is A Different Way Of Life, March 12, 1958, 38th Parallel South Korea, Love, Robert

                                 12 March 58
Dear Folks,
  I got that Sunday paper and
really enjoyed it. If you can
try to send them as much as possible.
Ensley seems to be pretty good.
I hope they begin to be like
they were before. I also saw
where one of my Fraternity brothers
is getting married. I don't understand
why a lot of guys that went to
school with me at the same
time aren't drafted into the
  I figure at the most I
will be out of the Army in
6 months. May 22 I will have
one full year in the hole.
Easter it will be one year
since I saw 27th Street last.
I don't know whether I will
go out for track yet because
if I do I probably won't get
to go to Japan and I sure
want to go back real bad. I
haven't bought a camera yet.
When I went out for basketball
it seems I stay broke all the
time now. I got a letter from
Sam when he was in Miami.
He says he might get out of the
Service in 6 months off his time
so he might be out by now.
I got a letter from Allamel
He says he is getting
married maybe in March. I
don't know whether to believe
it or not because its been a
long time since I was in
  Well I guess I'll get
drunk and burn my correspondence
course because it makes me sick
everytime I look at it. Working
on something like that is
almost impossible over here because
if you use your brain you
really begin to think about the
Army and Korea. I don't know
what will happen from one day
to the next. When they start
playing around over here they play for
keeps. We have a lot of trouble
with South Korean thefts. When
I first got here you shoot them.
For awhile they were shooting
them every night. Now if you
catch one, if you find one stealing
you treat him very respectful, turn
him over the the Korean Nationalist
Police who are just about as
bad. They had one compound where
the Koreans had stolen something
out of it 20 times during 2 months
so they caught a 14 year old kid.
One night they packed him into
a box and flew him by helicopter
for about 20 miles. A Major, Captain,
and Master Sargent are getting
court martialed for it. You walk
through a Korean village or town
and their top merchandise is usually
stuff which has been stolen or
got off some G.I. We have Korean
soldiers attached to our unit. If
we lose a piece of our equipment
we must pay for it. I he loses
it, which he probably sold it,
they just get sent
back to the ROK Army. they
have stolen goods worth over a
100,000 dollars at one time from
a P.X. We are now allowed
to go the anywhere in Korea. In
the Capitol City we can walk
down just one street. the rest is
off limits. These are just a few
things out of many why I don't
want to do anything but keep myself
busy physically, because this
is not a place to think. This
is a different way of life, a different
philosophy from the one I came
from, that is why I am over
here now, to fight here instead
of 1522- 27 st. Ours is the greatest
nation in the world, and I sure
would hate to mess up my
country fighting the Reds
there. End of Speach.
                                  Love, Robert
P.S. I am a little tead off because the Jacket
I got for playing basketball was all wrapped
up addressed, ready to send to home. Somebody stole it.

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