Friday, February 15, 2013

Dear Folks, You Should Sleep On Top Of A Hill, February 10, 1958, 38th Parallel South Korea, Love, Robert

                          10 Feb 58
Dear Folks
  The last letter I
received from you
I was on hill 15
that thing was just
about straight up and
down. You should
sleep on top of a
hill especially when
its cold and nothing
over top of you. There's
a lot of things you
do in the army. I
have just about had
enough of the army
and Korea. Days are
getting longer and
longer with the less
time you have less.
I think we go
back into the field
this coming Thursday
stay out about seven
days. I am sending
this income tax form
home and let you send
it in.
  Well how are
things back. Have they
started soup and
bread line? I don't
care if I have to sell
apples. I ain't coming
back into the army.
I think I am going
to bed, been out on
range all day. 9 o'clock
going to bed. Ha!
                      Love, Robert

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