Monday, February 18, 2013

Dear Folks, There Is A Lot To Tell About My Tour In Korea, February 18, 1958, 38th Parallel South Korea, Love, Robert

Dear Folks
  Well it's nice to get
a letter saying that
it is also cold over
there. We stay very
much out in the
field so it's hard
to get good writing
habits. I don't think
there is no way to
meet in Calif, because
I will get my discharge
in the 3rd Army Area
which will probably
be Fort Jackson S.C.
  I wish you could
send me just the
Sunday Paper if
anyway possible. I
don't know whether
you know it or not
but I got a letter
from one of my buddies
telling about Gene
Mitchum getting
killed in an auto wreck.
He was from Ensley
and I knew him very
well. Ask Billy if
he knows him. He
ran around with
Jame Holliway. I
understand Bull
Conners is back in
office again.
  Well when I get
back I don't think
I am going to worry
about anything for
about 3 months. See
what It's like to draw
unemployment insurance.
The army wouldn't
been to bad if they
hadn't put me in
the infantry stationed
in Korea. There is
a lot to tell about
my tour in Korea
but it is not writing
material due to the
length. So I will
say goodnight. We
have to be in bed
by 11:00 o'clock so
the Officer of the
day can come by and
snug us tight under
our little sleeping
       Love, Robert

P.S. Happy George Washington
Birthday we get off
for it.  

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