Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dear Folks, Quiet and Dead, South Korea, April 5, 1957, Love, Robert

Mortar Battery
1st Battle Group
7th Cavalry
APO 24

Dear Folks;                            5 April 57
 Well tomorrow is Easter and
I think that was the last time I was
at home. For the past 3 weeks
we have been to the field at
least 4 days per week. This past
week we went up to the 8th Cav
to replace the Mortar Battery for
about 4 days. The 8th Cav is above
the umjun river along the
DMZ. The DMZ seperates
South and North Korea. That
is where a lot of the fighting took
place. Everything is quiet and
dead up there.
  I got the $20 money order and
my usual papers. I get the papers
every Sat. which gives me time to
read them good. Monday I am
going out for track if I can.
I don't like this company.Well
when Earl gets married I guess that
leaves only me. Ha! One of the
papers you sent me had the Delta
Chi leadout in it. I still know
most of the people, but there are
some who are unfamiliar to
me. Well I guess I close, keep
sending the papers.
                             Love Robert
Note: Uncle Robert was a student athlete and on the track team at The University Of Alabama.

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