Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Easy Street Is A Rough Road

  When people ask me how I got started with this "Simple Life", I often relate to them the story of a sweltering  day in Louisiana.

  I was on "Easy Street" financially.  I was working as an Operations Supervisor for a major freight company.  The job had many long hours and high stress.

One extremely hot afternoon at that job, I had a few moments to walk around on the dock. As I was waiting for my drivers to return with their outbound freight so I could work towards getting to the end of that miserably hot day, a young lady in an old car pulled up to where I was standing.  She got out of a 4-door car and asked me if I wanted to buy some homemade ice cream for $1 a cup.  "Sure", I said to her, and I thought to myself , "who wouldn't want a cup of homemade ice cream on a day like today?"  When I returned from my office with her dollar, she neatly prepared a styro-foam cup along with a plastic spoon and paper napkin, opened the back door of that old car and scooped out a ladle of the sweet, creamy concoction from an old ice cream freezer that was sat on the back seat.  No, I did not care if there was a kitchen permit. That lady had taken what she had and made something out of it.

  Who knows what the financial need was that would have prompted such bravery on her behalf?  A financial reward for her efforts was to be harvested along Industrial Drive that day and I admired her for it.  Nothing I had learned in GBA 490 had prepared me for what the Ice Cream Lady had taught me that day.

What do you have in your house?  Are you going to do something with it?  Each one of us has been given unique talents and giftings that can be used to meet financial need. Whatever it may be.  Look around you, there is a good chance that you might just be brave enough to find it and use it.


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