Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Don't Start Today With Yesterday's Poo

Organic material is highly useful and beneficial for plant nutrition.  The process of composting allows for the decomposition of this organic matter and allows it to break down into a usable form in the home vegetable garden.

Daily life here on Simple Life Farm starts out with basic animal care.  Food and clean water are provided for the animals every morning and those creatures that have been confined overnight for their protection have waste products to be removed.  This task is very small if accomplished each day.  Very few minutes and physical effort are needed on a daily basis to remove this waste or it breeds a mountain of poo that harbors files, stink and all sorts of vermin.  This waste is added to the compost heap at the edge of our home vegetable garden and provides future organic material useful for plant nutrition.

Much like the garden of our lives, the poo that accumulates in daily living must be brought to the compost heap each day in order to be broken down into something useful, a victorious life filled with the fruit of days  and a life well spent.  Don't allow anger, bitterness & regrets to heap up where you live. It must be dedicated to the poop pile every day or the task of removal is tough and tiresome and sometimes even impossible without help.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life, don't start it out with old poop.

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