Friday, August 26, 2011

How Is A Mule Like A Man?

1.)  Mules think about themselves a lot.

2.) Mules can be coaxed into confinement with good food.

3.) Mules will act like mules because they are mules.

4.)  Mules like a lot of affection.

5.)  Mules cannot be coerced into doing what they don't want to do but can be petted into anything.

6.)  Mules like to be the boss of other mules.

7.)  Mules like to get attention by honking loudly.

8.)  Mules like to stand in the shade but will work if trained to do so.

9.)  Mules like to wallow around in the dirt.

10.)  Mules are tough can carry heavy loads.

11.)  If you beat your mule he will not like you.

12.)  If you treat your mule with kindness and understanding, a good mule can be your best friend.  :)

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