Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dear Folks, It's 1958 The Year I Get Out Of The Army, January 5, 1958, 38th Parallel, South Korea, Love, Robert

                                       5 Jan 58
Dear Folks,
  It's 1958 the year I get out of
the Army. I know that I haven't
written to much the past 3 weeks.
We went to a basketball tournment
after Christmas, then during New
Year we went to Soeul for
four days. Soeul as you know
is the Capital of Korea. It is
a lot better as far as Korea
goes than were we are. We had
a ball there. That's the first
time I have been in Korea and enjoyed
myself. Actually you couldn't
even compare it to the Bessemer
Super highway, but hell it's Korea.
Enjoy yourself the best you can
no matter where you are.
  New Years day we had our
biggest snow. All roads were shut
down there was no way to travel
except by train and you should
travel over one of those things.
I go back to my company in one
more week and boy at night
time it gets below zero.
  I have been meaning to get
me a camera and send the picture
home but I just am lazy I
guess. Next payday I am for
sure going to buy a motion picture
camera. A good one costs about
30.00 dollars and takes about
20 reels. The summer time over
here wasn't to bad, but this
  Well about this time last
year I just was leaving
home off my big 14 day leave.
O well all I have to do
is just wait and I will be home
for good just only 228 more
days before I leave.
                          Love, Robert

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