Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dear Folks, That Is The Way The Army Is, January 17, 1958, 38th Parallel South Korea, Love, Robert

                                                          17 Jan 58

Dear Folks,
  Well I am back in the company.
It was nice while it lasted. Sunday
we go on field manuevers for 7 days.
There is about 8 inches of snow on
the ground. It stays below 10 degrees.
I have already had guard again. I
hope to go on R & R in Feb. I am
about due for another. All my
company does now is go out into
the field. My new job is with
the Forward Observer section. We
go out and watch incoming rounds
and phone back an adjustment.
  About Grandmother, I am
glad she is better. The only way
I could come home for an emergency
is for Mother, Daddy or Billy to be
very, very sick. That is the way
the army is so please don't send
me letters unless something really
bad has happened. Over here you could
get shook up about home. If an
emergency does come up notify
the Red Cross, that is the only way.
I can't do anything it's up to
you, but it has to be a very
bad situation. Enough of that, you know
when you went me that two dollars
it seemed like a gift from heaven. How
about sending me one 5 dollar bill
because when I get back from the
field it will almost be the end of
the month. I am going to have to thaw
out after the field. Well this will
be the last stretch and I just hope it
will be as quick as the past
                        Love, Robert

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