Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jar Lid Plant Markers

  This is a great way to use previously used canning jar lids and is a quick project that adds a lot of interest in the home garden.


Used canning jar lids
Sharpie permanent marker
Heavy gauge wire, about 18 inches (Wire clothes hangers work well for this.)
Nail set (or nail for punching hole)

Place the pliers at the tip of the wire and bend around.
Take the pliers and place them at the back of the half loop that was formed and bend around again.
Place a small block of wood on a flat surface and place the lid on top.
Use the hammer and nail set or nail and punch a small hole near the top of the canning jar lid. (Smooth out any crimped metal on the back of the lid with the hammer.)
Write the name of your plant with the Sharpie marker.
Hang the lid on the wire and enjoy.

An additional hole can be punched near the bottom of the lid and a small bead can be hung at the bottom for added interest.

These little plant markers work great in the garden and have a nice little tinkling sound while swaying in the breeze.

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