Thursday, March 1, 2012

How Do You Get From Wine And Roses To Guns And Roses?

  It's really pretty easy. Just stop giving the other person what they need.

  If I decide to visit a foreign country and expect to have a pleasurable visit I need to know the language that is spoken in order to communicate and get along with the residents there.

  In the case of of a woman, the man learns to speak her language of love-and that means she needs to know she is loved every single day of the year, not for just a weekend now and then-but everyday.  For the man, it's submission to his leadership, showing him respect and loving him.

  No one becomes fluent in a foreign language in a day or even a year. It takes a lifetime. If you do it and speak it:   "Every day is like a Saturday".

  Oh yeah, and make sure when you are planning your trip-make sure its really where you want to be.

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