Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dear Folks, The Last Letter Might Have Seemed A Little Bad, December 1957, 38th Parallel South Korea, Love, Robert

Pfc. Robert C. Patton

                                                  December, 1957
My Dear Family,
  The last letter might
have seemed a little bad,
but after one year of being
in the army things become
a little hateful, people (sargents) telling
you what you should do.
Living with all kinds of
people like our nice
Korean friends. I will
tell you, if you are paying
high taxes, you should check
into Korea because a hell
of a lot of American money
is spent into this country for
  Well a funny thing
happened last night. We
went to play a basketball
game, it's pretty cold now,
well the gym had no
heat. We won the game. I
played some, scored 4 points. Ha!
We came back to our
living quarters. It was
still early so a couple of
us decided to go get a beer.
As we went along I looked
up and said it was going
to snow. Sure damn enough
it snowed. The first time of
the year. It only snowed for
10 minutes, the ground was
covered. It's still on the
ground. The ear plug got
here and it's really great
have patience be home
soon in Aug.
  I think the basketball team
will go the Japan for the
Christmas holidays, so I
want you to send me
$75. I know it will make
a dent, but I will replace
              Love, Robert

Send the letter to
PFC Patton
Hq & Hq Company
1st Battle Group, 7th Cav
APO 24, S.F Calif

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