Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dear Folks, It Doesn't Seem Like Christmas Time, Dec. 16, 1957, 38th Parallel South Korea, Love, Robert

Pfc. Robert C. Patton

Dear Folks,                        16 Dec 57

  I guess Earl is sweating
out being a fireman. That
will be a pretty good job if
he can get it. If I were him
I would start saving that
paycheck because it's nice to
have something to fall back
to. It doesn't seem like
Christmas time to me.
Here in Korea all days are
just about the same.
  Our basketball team has
won 10 games so far and
lost only one. I don't think
we will go to Japan over
Christmas, but I do know
I will get to go on pass.
  I got the fruit cake, haven't
ate it yet. Guess I'll
wait until I'm in
the Christmas spirit.
  I guess I will go out for
the track team when
it starts, if I made the
basketball team I should
be able to run track. I
will just about try
anything to get off of
guard duty and stay out
of the field.
                     Love, Robert

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