Friday, February 10, 2012

Dear Folks, Good Food, Empty Pocket, Fort Jackson, South Carolina, Sunday, Feb. 10, 1957

                                           Feb 10, 1957
Dear Folks,

Sorry I haven't wrote sooner                              
but I have been pretty busy.
We are getting ready to go on
bivouac for a week, it should
be a lot of fun. Well
I got the news this week.
The army is going to let me
and a few selected few stay
here for 8 more weeks of
advanced infantry training. They
put people with intelligence
in the infantry. I am not
to discouraged, its not to bad.
I am slowly becoming a
man. Don't worry about
me. If I can crawl under
live machine gun fire for
100 yards twice, throw hand
grenades and do all that stuff
I figure I can take care of
myself. I am in good health,
get lots of sleep, good food
but have a empty pocket, so
how about sending me twenty
dollars. After bivouac they are
going to let us have a pass
maybe. I hope you all
are in good health. I will
let you now if anything
different turns up but right
now I have got to get ready
and go play boy scout out in the woods.


Pvt. Robert Conrad Patton  2nd row from top 5th soldier from the right.
Note: Uncle Robert's next letter was dated April 5, 1957-from the 38th Parallel. 

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