Thursday, February 2, 2012

Celebrate Love

  The days were filled with anticipation and excitement that lead up to that 2nd Grade elementary school event. We would decorate plain brown paper lunch bags with brightly colored paper hearts and crayola art and display our name proudly at the top. The decorated bags would then be fastened in a long row below the heater vents beneath our windows.

  When Valentines Day finally arrived we deposit small, carefully selected Valentine Cards into the appropriate bags. Soon the time would come to remove the bags to our desks and see what our classmates had for us. Sometimes a small box of "Conversation Hearts" would be found amongst the cheerful cards bearing our classmates signatures and thoughtful rhymes. I think it was just about my favorite holiday in the whole wide world with all that love and hearts and flowers and candy and stuff.

  These are a few things I have learned about love since love in the 2nd Grade, and a few of my favorite romantic movies thus far.

  Talk is cheap and pretty is as pretty does.

1) Green Card (played through TVG)-Gardener (Andie MacDowell) meets Alien (Gerard Depardieu).
Favorite line: "Now look what you've done you silly French oaf!"

2) Riders Of The Purple Sage-Rider (Ed Harris) meets Rancher (Amy Madigan) for supper.
Favorite line: "The older I get the stranger life becomes."

3) The Outsider-Shootist (Tim Daly) falls for plain woman (Naomi Watts).
Favorite line: "Why would God or any man breathing want to cover anything so pretty".

4) Never Been Kissed (played through TVG)-Drew Barrymore meets her match (Michael Vartan) on a diamond.
Favorite line: "Are you sure you're seventeen?"

5) Conagher (played though TVG)- Poetry reading Cow Hand (Sam Elliott) meets poetry writing tumble weed enthusiast (Katharine Ross).
Favorite Line: "Mr. Conagher, I think you should come home now."

 Women are attracted by pretty talk and men are attracted by pretty women. Its character that matters if you are going to "roll the stone" with someone (see pic #2) and part of that character is caring for others by making deposits in one an other's "love bag" on a daily basis, because we don't want anyone to come up empty on the sweetest day of the year.

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