Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Society Of Persevering Princesses

Mama and "Butch"
  When I think about the Society of Persevering Princesses I think of a woman. She had 2 small children, a girl and a boy. The girl just started 1st grade and the boy was 2 years younger.  The boy was born the year that Kennedy was shot.

  The Woman had started a new life by going back where she came from.  She was going to take over the family business from her Dad who raised chickens commercially when 20,000 chickens were served their daily meals from the lip of a wheel barrow that had 2 strong arms gripping the handles.

  These strong arms that snuggled her children and made the family their living were extended to the take care of the least of these.

  Unknown to the the woman, who was taking care of the most immediate needs of her family flock, the family's pet had a litter of puppies.

  The nature of a whelping dog is to hide her puppies away and this expecting dog had hidden away to have her little brood.  Unfortunately the dog had hidden herself away from the attentive eye of the woman and was discovered later with her tiny little brood -some half eaten with maggots -and they were still alive.

  The woman reached down and took the tiny little pathetic creatures and made the only choice that love could make. She held the pups wretched little bodies in her hand and then there by the farm carrion pit where the tears and sweat mixed together she sent the little pups back to The Source Of All Life -and she had to do it with her strong hands.

  Well that's what you call a Persevering Princess; and the woman's name?  Well, I call her Mama.

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