Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dear Folks, I Will Probably Leave The Company Next Monday, August 1958, 38th Parallel South Korea, Love, Robert

Dear Folks,
  Well I don't know
how to explain this.
The army is something
else. If have 5 days
left in this company
before I rotate. Just
about everybody has gone
home and I am next,
but instead of going
home for discharge like
everybody else I go for
reassignment. I think
at first when they cut
this to a 13 month tour
they knocked some time
off of your tour, but
you couldn't leave Korea
and when you reach the
states if you had less
than 90 day to do,
that is from the day
you hit the states until
your Enlisted Time served
when you first come into
the army.
  OK so I extended until
Aug 16, so I would have
less that 90 days and
go back for discharge.
Well when I leave I
will have less that 90
days, but with something
new. They say you must
have 30 days or less to
go back for discharge.
In other words they haven't
any replacements over here
they want us guys to
either extend over here
until 30 prior which
would give me about 18
months in Korea 5 months
over the tour, or leave now
for reassignment in
the States. Well just
as soon as they ask me I
am going back to the States.
I may get reassigned
but it will be less that
two months because
I will take 30 day leave.
  I will probably leave the
company next Monday
so I will write you when
I leave Korea.
  I don't know whether
all of this is clear to
you in a way it's not
clear to me. I will
just have to wait and
see what happens, but
I will leave in about a

                 Love, Robert

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