Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dear Folks, It's A Hell Of A Life, May 15, 1958, 38th Parallel South Korea, Love, Robert

 Dear Folks                15 May 58
 Well this letter is overdue, but
I can't help it. We are going to
be busy the rest of this month. We
are pulling guard almost every night
and at different compounds. It's
really bad to, especially when
the breaks are far and few between.
I am so sleepy now I can
hardly see the paper. 5 hours
average sleep a night just ain't
to much.
  I see that B'ham is
first place in baseball, but I
could care less about that. I tell
you one thing my little radio
sure does help on those 2 long
hours of guard. I am still using
the original battery. They have one
G.I. Station over here and at night
time from 12:00 to 6:00 in the morning
they play only music, and it sure
does get lonesome out there by yourself
with only your thoughts. Well guys
have started to leave Korea to
go home and it's going to continue
all summer. The thing which hurts
is that we haven't had a replacement
since 1957 around November. In 6 more
days I will have spent exactly 1 full
long year in Korea and its been a
rough year. Sleeping on a mountain
snow all over the ground. Zero
weather out in the open its
been a hell of a life.
  Give Earl my congratulations if
you ever see him again 3 down
1 to go Ha! Is Billy racing
his car now or what. By the way
what ever happen to Sullivan, is
he married. There must be
somebody I can go out with and drink
beer with. It's May now, but
it's still in the low 40's. Give
me the Sunny South. (Captain Patton speaking I do not know
whats wrong but I have been getting
the paper on Monday instead of Sat.
Well there is no excuse. If you have
to get up at 4 o'clock Sunday morning
and read the paper it should be finished
by 5 o'clock and mailed by 6 o'clock no excuse.)
That is the way it is in the Army and
the way it has been with me for 17
months. Re-up, never a hatchie G.I.
                                           Love Robert

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