Monday, October 8, 2012

Dear Folks, Lost In Japan, October 2, 1957, 38th Parallel Korea, Love, Robert

                        2 Oct 57
Dear Folks,

 I guess you were wondering
if I got lost in Japan! I
wish I could get lost for
about a year. Those people
live entirely different than
the Koreans. You almost
feel as if you are back
in the states. The army
has several hotels they
run. The are just
as good as any in the
state, you won't find
any better service. Rooms
cost $2 a day and food
runs about $1.50 per day.
You can get a steak
for $1.00. There is a lot
to Japan. I went to
Mt Fuji for a couple of
days then I came back
to Tokyo. I won't tell
you how much I spent
but it was worth
every penny. From time
to time I will try to
send money home if
I possibly can. It must
be pretty nice weather
at home, but over here
at night time it is in
the low forties. Tomorrow
I go out for the
basketball team. I
hope I make it.


Note: I have a pearl necklace that I wear on special occasions  My Grandmother gave it to me. I sat beside her on the bed and she gave them to me. She told me the story about how My Uncle Robert had brought them back from Korea and had gotten them when he was on leave in Japan. They were mine now. She explained to me how she had had them restrung with a knot in between each pearl so that if the necklace should break the delicate pearls would not scatter. Uncle Robert was in the next room and commented later about Grandmother's gesture and how he thought it was sweet of her to give them to me.

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